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A Construction Management App that saves you time and money

Managing the moving pieces of a new home subdivision can be stressful and overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be. Enter Giraff App.

A powerful, construction management software that syncs with Builder Lynx to increase profitability by giving your supers (and stakeholders) quick access to vital site data and streamlining time-consuming tasks like trade check-ins and task updates.

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Power in the palm of your hands

You can sort a project by lot or closing order, view current tasks, manage start / finish dates and easily track closings, deficiencies, extras and change orders with everything tying into accounting.

Another powerful feature is the Status. For example: Lot 1 is two days ahead of schedule, while lot 8 is 17 days behind. Management information at your fingertips.

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Giraff App Task Screen

Seamlessly integrate with accounting

Giraff App is connected to your Builder Lynx account so when a task is completed, you can notify accounting with two clicks that the trade can now be paid, saving you and everyone else time (and paper). No more signing completions.

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At a glance Features & Benefits

Giraff App Login Screen
Simple colour-coded dashboard
Access info with one click, two max
Email or call trades right within the app
Reduce mistakes, boost profitability
Streamline trade check-ins & updates
Easily identify extras with badges
Syncs with your Builder Lynx account

Easy, streamlined Trade Check-in

Giraff App now offers a new trade check-in feature that eliminates the task of site supers having to walk from one lot to the next to see if trades have arrived or left for the day. This can be incredibly time-consuming, especially on larger sites or in stacked townhome blocks


With Giraff Check-In, your trades simply scan a QR code prior to entering the home. Every check-in is displayed green on the app's dashboard. When the trade's day is done, a quick scan on the way out updates the dashboard again. Easy in, easy out.

Test drive the new trade check-in feature with one click if you're an existing Builder Lynx user.
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